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Commissioning an Artwork - an Introduction

July 10, 2014 | Categories:

You will see that no prices appear on this website. This is because every piece is a one-off, designed and executed specially for a place or person. Each project is costed individually, based on the estimated time involved, materials and other costs.

Because this isn’t like buying from a catalogue each commission follows its own path, but usually the process will run something like this:

The first thing to do is talk ... Do you know exactly what you want? Do you want me to design with a completely free hand? How specific is your brief, how much participation do you want? - It’s up to you.

Setting a completion date: There is no fixed rule about this. It will depend entirely on current commitments. If you have a specific deadline in mind every effort will be made to meet this.

Setting a budget: This can be done at the outset, and I will design to it from the start, or perhaps your ideas are more important than cost, in which case we can discuss these, get a rough idea of costs, and from here I will produce a costed design proposal.

The Design: If you are nearby, or the scale of the work warrants it, it’s always good to start with a site visit and consultation in person. If this isn’t practical this stage can sometimes be done by phone, photographs and email. The design stage is part of the job and, following an initial consultation, will be charged for as part of the overall cost. The design stage can often be a significant part of the work, so this can be quoted for and commissioned separately, with no obligation to proceed.

Making the work: You have a design, you know what it will cost. Work will begin. Clients are always welcome to visit the studio and see work in progress. You can also be kept in touch with photographs.

Delivery and Installation: This, and delivery, will be accounted for and included in the agreed cost. Most work is best installed by Chalk Works. Installing a Sundial or Sun Sculpture is a precision process and one I always prefer to do myself. If it is really not practical or necessary for me to do this personally this will be reflected in the cost.

So, don’t wait till you know exactly what you want - pick up the phone or email to start a discussion and embark on the excitement of commissioning your sculpture.

Commissioning an artwork is a straightforward and enjoyable process - you don’t have to be an art expert or a millionaire! It’s just about getting something made specially for you, made to fit your needs.