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The Leith Mural makes the top 10!

December 14, 2014 | Categories:

This week in The Guardian and The Observer Marijke Steedman, London Art curator, chose her ten best Murals; check out No. 6:

I was delighted to see our mural in there with such excellent company, and particularly pleased to see the Greenwich Mural Workshop’s Floyd Road mural in there at No 2, as I spent several very happy weeks working with Steve Lobb and Carol Kenna, founing members of GMW, on another mural close to this one as a young and enthusiastic mural painter in 1979. It was a very special time; great to feel right at the heart of a vibrant and creative movement. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that this mural would never have happened without the input and commitment of the local community - like so many others like it.