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New Website Launched

December 05, 2012 | Categories:

After much coaxing and pressure from various quarters and lots of patient support from Clooti Website Design, I have at last organised a brand new website, remodelled from top to bottom, updated to include all the most recent work - and with the new streamlined site administration, that's how it should remain, so it'll always be worth a return visit to see what's new.

We hope you enjoy the appearance of the new design, and also find it as easy to get around as we think it is. It's been quite a challenge to present such a wide range of work in a way that's easy to make sense of; we hope that the categories usefully reflect the work contained in them. As you will see some work defies easy categorisation, and so appears in more than one section. This just serves as a reminder that each project I undertake presents a unique situation and challenge, and my response to it is correspondingly individual.

Explore and hopefully enjoy… let me know what you think.